Study Links The Liquid Used In E-cigarettes To An Increased Risk Of Viral Infections

Researchers say whether the liquid contains nicotine or not, inhaling its vapor can damage epithelial cells from human airways and increase the risk of infections

DENVER, CO -- The liquid used in electronic cigarettes has been linked to a significantly higher risk of respiratory viral infections, whether the liquid contains nicotine or not, according to a published study by researchers at National Jewish Health in Denver.

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After Watching Disturbing Video, CPAP
Usage Soars

An additional two hours of therapy per night, and patients maintained improvement three months later

DENVER, CO -- August 18, 2014 -- Like more than 20 million other Americans, John Brugger has been diagnosed with sleep apnea.  He snored, tossed and turned and struggled to breathe during the night, which often left him not only exhausted the next day but also raised his risk of heart attack, stroke and car accidents.  Fed up, Brugger went to his doctor, who suggested he use a CPAP machine, which delivers air through a face mask while he sleeps to keep his throat open with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

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Wet Wraps Cut Need For Drugs In Kids With Eczema

Study gives parents, doctors new options to treat painful, itchy condition

DENVER, CO -- July 8, 2014 -- The number of children with atopic dermatitis, often referred to as eczema, is on the rise. Some estimate that one in five children in the U.S. now suffers from the painful, itchy skin condition. In an effort to control their symptoms, many children are prescribed powerful medications like immunosuppressants or topical steroids. 

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Those With Ragweed Allergies Will Get New Relief This Fall, Thanks To Timely FDA Approval Of New Therapy

Tablets mark latest shift in immunotherapy, could make allergy shots unnecessary for many

DENVER, CO -- Thanks to the timely approval of a new tablet by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), millions of Americans who suffer from ragweed allergies will have a new, at-home option for treatment this fall.

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E-Cigarettes Helping Spark New ISmoke Generation

E-cigarette use triples among middle and high school students in just one year

The CDC announced e-cigarettes are having an alarming effect on youths. Findings from the 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey show e-cigarette use among teenagers has tripled in a single year. Also, for the f. . . read more